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Presentation of the 43rd World Chess Olympiad

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The Minister of Culture and Sport of Georgia Mikheil Giorgadze officially presented the 43rd Chess Olympiad ? Batumi 2018 - on April 17 in the ?Biltmore? hotel?s congress-hall in Tbilisi.

Many honorary guests attended the ceremony, including the Olympiad?s goodwill ambassador, a former World Chess Champion and the current World Rapid Chess Champion Viswanathan Anand, FIDE Deputy President Georgios Makropoulos, Chairman of the Government of the Autonomous Republic of Adjara Zurab Pataradze, European Chess Union President Zurab Azmaiparashvili, Georgian Chess Federation President Giorgi Giorgadze, representatives of the governmental structures and diplomatic corps accredited in Georgia, famous chess players and Georgian veteran sportsmen. Olympic champions and people distinguished in cultural and business fields were among the guests.

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Nona Gaprindashvili

Former Women`s World Champions Nona Gaprindashvili and Maia Chiburdanidze were nominated as 43rd Chess Olympiad?s goodwill ambassadors. The Batumi Chess Olympiad video was shown at the presentation. After the official part of the event all guests were invited to play chess and attend a photo exhibition specially created for this ceremony.

Georgios Makropoulos

FIDE Deputy President Georgios Makropoulos expressed his gratitude to the Minister of Sport and Culture, the Chairman of the Government of the Autonomous Republic of Adjara, the ECU President Zurab Azmaiparashvili, the GCF President Giorgi Giorgadze and the two previous ministers of sport for their great work and support of chess in Georgia, for the organization of the FIDE World Cup 2017, which was held on a very high level and for the preparation to upcoming World Chess Olympiad. ?I want to thank the Minister of Sport and Culture Mikheil Giorgadze, the Chairman of the Government of the Autonomous Republic of Adjara Zurab Pataradze for their support and I`m confident we are going to see here one of the best World Chess Olympiads. More than 180 nations, including players, trainers, arbiters, who are going to visit your country, will have a chance to know more about Georgia, to experience great hospitality of Georgian people.?

The 43rd Chess Olympiad will be held in Batumi from September 23 till October 6 2018. Batumi won the right to host the Olympiad at the FIDE General Assembly held in Tromso, Norway in 2014, where the city got 93 votes, while its opponent Durban (South Africa) got 58 votes.


FIDE Deputy President Georgios Makropoulos with the Minister of Sport and Culture Mikheil Giorgadze and the Chairman of the Government of the Autonomous Republic of Adjara Zurab Pataradze.


Viswanathan Anand, Zurab Azmaiparashvili and Giorgi Giorgadze after the official presentation of the 43rd World Chess Olympiad. The European Chess Union president and the legendary chess player and the former World Chess Champion made a symbolic move on the gigantic chessboard.



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Zurab Pataradze

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Nona Gaprindashvili and Viswanathan Anand

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Viswanathan Anand

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Giorgi Giorgadze

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Zurab Azmaiparashvili


List of Decisions of 2018 1st quarter FIDE PB

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2018 1st quarter
Presidential Board meeting
Minsk, Belarus
7-8 April 2018


1PB-2018/1. To authorize Deputy President G. Makropoulos to seek legal advice in respect of non-eligibility of K. Ilyumzhinov to stand for FIDE Presidential elections 2018. One objection - Mr. L. Ncube.

1PB-2018/2. To publish the relevant part of the 1st Quarter Presidential Board Meeting in March 2017, the Extraordinary Presidential Board Meeting of April 2017 and the Executive Board Minutes of October 2017.

1PB-2018/3. To continue discussions with the UBS not to close our accounts.

1PB-2018/4. To continue to investigate solutions regarding the problems caused by UBS wishing to close our accounts.

1PB-2018/5. To write a letter from the FIDE Presidential Board to President K. Ilyumzhinov to request his immediate resignation.

1PB-2018/6. To authorize FIDE Treasurer A. Siegel and Executive Director N. Freeman to handle the Development Fund monies for the African Continent directly and explain to the African Chess Federation the reason for this. One objection - Mr. L. Ncube.

1PB-2018/7. To close the Moscow FIDE office with immediate effect. To task Executive Director N. Freeman to find out exact procedure according to the Russian legislation.

1PB-2018/8. To approve the over-the-board titles.

1PB-2018/9. To approve ARB Commission report.

1PB-2018/10. To approve Arbiters' titles.

1PB-2018/11. To approve Arbiters' classification upgrade.

1PB-2018/12. To approve TRG Commission report and recommendations.

1PB-2018/13. To approve Trainers' titles.

1PB-2018/14. To approve TEC Commission report.

1PB-2018/15. Not to approve Mr. Naiditch's proposal.

1PB-2018/16. To approve Commission on Swiss pairings report.

1PB-2018/17. To approve CIS Commission report.

1PB-2018/18. To approve the SI titles.

1PB-2018/19. To approve DIS Commission report.

1PB-2018/20. To approve MED Commission report.

1PB-2018/21. To cancel the ratings of Bulgarian players rated as FIDE from 1st May 2018 unless considerable progress has been made by the relevant Bulgarian parties in providing bank transfer documents from the accounts of the Bulgarian Chess Federation to the fake ECU (Delaware) bank account and translating all documentation into English requested by FIDE by 30th April 2018.

1PB-2018/22. To approve the Events Commission titles.

1PB-2018/23. To agree that should a Bulgarian player be transferred to another Federation, the transfer fee should be sent to FIDE who will hold it in escrow and return it to the Federation they was transferred to, if the player wishes to return to a recognised Bulgarian Federation.

1PB-2018/24. To approve the Marketing Committee report.

1PB-2018/25. To agree that a dress code for players for the 2018 Olympiad would be recommended and be made compulsory for the 2020 Olympiad.

FIDE's response to K. Ilyumzhinov's interview in "Sport-Express" of 10th April 2018

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FIDE refers to the Interview with Kirsan Ilyumzhinov in Sport-Express of 10th April. In his interview he states that there have been fake announcements that the Swiss banks froze the accounts because he was under sanctions. FIDE wishes to state it has never announced that the accounts were frozen. The present situation is that UBS have requested FIDE to close the accounts by the 30th April, 2018. FIDE is in talks with UBS to try and change their decision. Because the President is under US Treasury sanctions, FIDE has been unable to open accounts in other banks and is meanwhile exploring its options.

Furthermore, a personal letter from FIDE Vice President Israel Gelfer of 3rd March which explained to Mr Ilyumzhinov that FIDE had not announced that the accounts were frozen, yet he continues to repeat that fake announcements have been made.

Dear Kirsan

I am writing to you as a 20 years friend, in spite of the fact that we are today in different ?political groups?.

We are facing an unpleasant, even dangerous, situation which puts FIDE's credibility and its ability to properly function on question.

?Fake news? has become a ?trend? lately. It is not entirely new, of course, also in FIDE, but the level of the phenomena used now by you and / or by your people have reached such a stage that brings me to react and write this letter.

There were several previous cases like trying to claim that your signature on a letter to FIDE has been forged - a claim that proved false, especially since it has been sent from the Moscow office to the Athens office, spreading false rumors about other candidates for the coming election and so on, but the really unexplainable one is your statement in your website, in respect of the letter of the FIDE Treasurer to all FIDE members.

You are writing, quoting a letter from your law firm in London, that [ quote] ?Mr. Ilyumzhinov has been informed that FIDE's bank account with UBS has not been frozen as alleged [emphasized by me] and that such accounts in fact remain open today?.

You are also indicating that you will be taking legal action against those who are spreading these ?stories?.

Alas, your statement, and the letter quoted above are based on a false fact - that the Treasurer said that the accounts are frozen.

I have read again and again the letter of Mr. Siegel, trying to find something that can be interpreted and justify your words but of course could not find anything. The Treasurer did not even hint that FIDE accounts in UBS are frozen, but wrote very clearly that our accounts will be closed in the immediate future. The Treasurer pointed out this in his second letter, as you are aware of.

So, you are ?proving? that everything is o.k, FIDE is functioning, accounts are not frozen etc. completely ignoring the real situation.

I am afraid that you are doing so, simply to redirect the attention of FIDE family from the fact that the current situation cannot continue.

As long as you are President, FIDE is facing serious problems - financially and morally.

You said so many times during the last two years that you are definitely going to be ?acquitted? - i.e. - taken out of this famous list, but unfortunately it did not happen.

Facing all which I have mentioned, I am obliged to tell you that in such a situation, you are trying to change reality with unbased claims.

You should better take care of FIDE, show that FIDE is important to you, and also save yourself from being humiliated and do the best for yourself and the chess world - leave with honour and save yourself and the whole FIDE family from this unnecessary and difficult situation.

I do hope that you treat this letter seriously and understand fully the present situation.

Yours sincerely

The Schism between Kirsan Ilyumzhinov and the Presidential Board

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The Schism between Kirsan Ilyumzhinov and the Presidential Board

The Presidential Board held in Minsk on 7-8 April, 2018 agreed that the relevant extracts of the Minutes of the 25-26 March, 2017 Presidential Board Meeting, the 10 April, 2017 Extraordinary Presidential Board Meeting and the 13-14 October, 2017 Executive Board Meeting regarding the President?s situation be published.


In the 25-26 March, Presidential Board Meeting, at the end of the Agenda, the President raised again the discussion of the Agon debts. This matter had been discussed in detail earlier in the Meeting and the Board had agreed to set up a Committee of the Treasurer, Adrian Siegel and elected Vice President, Israel Gelfer to discuss these debts with Ilya Merenzon and to report to the Presidential Board the next day session about the payments to FIDE.

It was during this discussion that the President was making proposals trying to involve FIDE in his personal problems with Agon and to try and use FIDE to gain control of Agon by blackmailing them with the fact they had a debt to FIDE. As you can see from the Minutes, the Presidential Board did not want to fight with the President, but the President kept returning to the subject. The President did not deny anything that Mr Makropoulos revealed regarding their discussions. Finally the President declared his resignation and thus it was over the matter of the Agon debt that the conflict between the President and the Presidential Board started.

The following are the Minutes of this matter. Please see link here


The 10 April Extraordinary Presidential Board Meeting was called to discuss what further actions should be taken by FIDE following the President?s declaration of resignation in the March meeting.

After FIDE announced that the President declared his resignation, the President returned to Russia and immediately denied that he had resigned and started insulting the whole Presidential Board. He started giving interviews saying that the Americans and Kasparov were behind this and that there was a coup attempt being led by the Deputy President and the Executive Director.

During the Meeting, the President apologised for providing wrong information to the media and admitted that he had even asked Ms. Tsedenova to prepare a letter of resignation and that also whatever decision the Presidential Board took, he would agree with it. The Presidential Board unanimously reconfirmed the decision that the Powers of the FIDE President are fully delegated to the FIDE Deputy President and the President agreed that he would withdraw his previous statement that he would reclaim his powers. Finally the Presidential Board unanimously agreed that Mr Ilyumzhinov, while remaining as FIDE President, no longer could act on behalf of FIDE.

The following are the Minutes regarding the situation of the President. Please see link here


Unfortunately, the President did not respect the decisions of the FIDE Presidential Board and continued to claim to act on behalf of FIDE. He persisted in attacking Presidential Board members and the attacks were becoming personal and defamatory.

The 13-14 October Executive Board Meeting unanimously ratified the decision of the 10 April Extraordinary Presidential Board. The Deputy President in his Report raised the matter of the President?s behaviour, giving documented concrete examples of the attacks. He also requesting the President to stop those around him from spreading these stories. At no time did the President deny any matter raised by the Deputy President. The Treasurer raised again the problems caused to our bank accounts because of the President being on the US Sanctions list. Following a long discussion, the Executive Board voted 37 to 20 with two abstentions requesting the President not to run in the next election.

The following are the Minutes relating to the Deputy President?s Report. Please see link here

FIDE World Youth Chess Championships 2018

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The World Youth Chess Championships 2018 will be held in Porto Carras, Halkidiki, Greece, on the northern coast of the Aegean Sea from 19th of October (arrivals, technical meeting) to 31st of October 2018 (departures).


FIDE World Youth Rapid & Blitz Chess Championships 2018

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The 2nd FIDE World Youth U14, U16, U18 Rapid & Blitz Chess Championships will be held in Porto Carras, Halkidiki, Greece, from 16th of October (arrivals) to 20th of October 2018 (departures).


List of titles approved by the 2018 1st quarter PB in Minsk, Belarus
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FIDE publishes the list of titles approved by the 2018 1st quarter PB in Minsk, Belarus on 7-8 April 2018.

Hakobyan, Aram ARM
Supi, Luis Paulo BRA
Hambleton, Aman CAN
Nguyen, Thai Dai Van CZE
Simacek, Pavel CZE
Fernandez Romero, Ernesto ESP
Santos Latasa, Jaime ESP
Bellahcene, Bilel FRA
Velten, Paul FRA
Batsiashvili, Nino GEO
Mons, Leon GER
Sprenger, Jan Michael, Dr. GER
Aczel, Gergely HUN
Saptarshi, Roy IND
Firouzja, Alireza IRI
Tabatabaei, M Amin IRI
Thorfinnsson, Bragi ISL
Martinez Alcantara, Jose Eduardo PER
Esipenko, Andrey RUS
Matsenko, Sergei RUS
Moiseenko, Vadim RUS
Moskalenko, Alexander RUS
Repka, Christopher SVK
Burke, John M USA
Tang, Andrew USA
Abdusattorov, Nodirbek UZB
Kvon, Andrey UZB
Olsarova, Karolina CZE
Eric, Jovana SRB
Vardanian, Haik G. ARM
Schwabeneder, Florian AUT
Zarubitski, Viachaslau BLR
Carneiro, Vitor Roberto Castro BRA
Perez Gormaz, Matias CHI
Valderrama Quiceno, Esteban Alb COL
Alonso Bouza, Julio Javier CUB
Ordaz Valdes, Lisandra Teresa CUB
Kirk, Ezra ENG
Henderson de La Fuente, Lance ESP
Suarez Uriel, Adrian ESP
Barseghyan, Harutyun FRA
Favarel, Antoine FRA
Migot, Tangi FRA
Krause, Benedict GER
Martin, Julian GER
Rosner, Jonas GER
Tsolakidou, Stavroula GRE
Novita, Anjas INA
Akash Pc, Iyer IND
Karthik, V. A. P. IND
Prithu, Gupta IND
Rahul Srivatshav P IND
Bakalchuk, Johnatan ISR
Gorodetzky, David ISR
Saraci, Nderim KOS
De Jager, Jaap NED
Vrolijk, Liam NED
Kaassen, Thor Fredrik NOR
Gumularz, Szymon POL
Janik, Igor POL
David, Alexandru-Vasile ROU
Chekletsov, Ilya RUS
Drygalov, Andrey RUS
Drygalov, Sergey RUS
Duzhakov, Ilya RUS
Elistratov, Semen RUS
Gogolev, Artem RUS
Makhmutov, Rail RUS
Nozdrachev, Leonid RUS
Schekachikin, Maksim RUS
Tilicheev, Viacheslav RUS
Ivic, Velimir SRB
Schneider, Stefan SWE
Yurtseven, Melih TUR
Saeed, Ishaq UAE
Bogdanov, Egor UKR
Wang, Kevin USA
Gaboyan, Susanna ARM
Balajayeva, Khanim AZE
Novosadova, Kristyna CZE
Dewi, Aa Citra INA
Batyte, Daiva LTU
Ratsma, Rosa NED
Kubicka, Anna POL
Rebaine, Hamid ALG
Sekrane, Ahmed ALG
Hakobyan, Yervand ARM
Iskandaryan, Aram ARM
Khalafian, Erna ARM
Forace, Lee AUS
Kadimova, Ilaha AZE
Lavretzkij, Roman BLR
De Souza, Elana Silva BRA
Padoin, Cleber BRA
Ouimet, Bernard CAN
Atkinson, Alan ENG
Al-Haddad, Husein Essa FID (QAT)
Grapsa, Georgia GRE
Koutsogiannopoulou, Theodora GRE
Oustabasidou, Eleni GRE
Pramateftakis, Georgios GRE
Serntedakis, Athanasios GRE
Biswanath, Banerjee IND
Govindankutty, M S IND
Guru Dayal, Prajapati IND
Promodraj, Moree IND
Marzoughi, Mohammadsadegh IRI
Raeisi, Amir Assad IRI
Rezvani, Mahammad Ali IRI
Meteleno, Yevgenyi KAZ
Cheong, Kok Love MAS
Msukwa, Kezzie MAW
Maharjan, Herakaji NEP
Benitez Fretes, Gualberto PAR
Tacuche Martinez, Fernando PER
Cybulski, Maciej POL
Parol, Krzysztof POL
Piek, Ronel RSA
Demina, Julia RUS
Howie, Andrew SCO
Nisban, Jasmin SGP
Tan, Tian Wah SGP
Ukropina, Darko SRB
Studer, Jonas SUI
Mir Mahmoud, Afamia SYR
Hamouda, Salam TUN
Kucukkilinc, Harun TUR
Dommapalati, Anand USA
Yang, Brian USA
Vahidov, Abduvahob UZB
Mbatha, Constance ZAM
Aimar, Rayene ALG
Ould Rouis, Mounir ALG
Dubrovich, Igor ARG
Millain, Daniel ARG
Mira Castets, Sebastian ARG
Flitzpatrick, Andrew AUS
Davalos, Danny Ramires BRA
Rietter, Luciano BRA
Lemus Moreno, Alejandro CHI
Forster, Michael C ENG
Bergas Ferriol, Jeroni ESP
Garcia Domingo, Jose Antonio ESP
Marino Bravo, Marco Antonio ESP
Martin Martin, Antonia ESP
Zambrana Petisme, Ramiro ESP
Hamduchi, Adina-Maria FRA
Galanis, Georgios GRE
Makris, Xenophon GRE
Papaefstratiou, Andreas GRE
Paterakis, Aristeidis GRE
Roukounakis, Mihail GRE
Stefanatos, Charalampos GRE
David, Bela HUN
Pesztericz, Laszlo HUN
Kusmana, Aam INA
Soejoeti, M. Noorwacid INA
Tantular, Barnas Bayu INA
Ajinkya, Pingale IND
Aparajita, Gochhikar IND
Banel, Andross J. IND
Bhaskar, V. IND
Bhatt, Swati IND
Borse Umesh, Suresh IND
Chopon, Babu R.K. IND
Gautam, Rohidas Tari IND
Joshi, Abhijit IND
Karthik, R IND
Kaviraj, Sawant IND
Kavlekar, Sanjay R. IND
Kumtakar, Deepak IND
Ladhe, Mohit IND
Malvankar, Avinash IND
Milind, B Naik IND
Mrityunjay, Singh IND
Murugasundaram, K. IND
Omkar, S Dandoti IND
Phani Kumar, N M IND
Poornima, B IND
Praful, Zaveri IND
Raghavendra, M V IND
Sandesh, Nagarnaik IND
Sharma, Amit IND
Sivasubramanian, B IND
Stella, Sharmila P IND
Sunil, Soni IND
Swanpil, Hobble IND
Tejavath, Naresh IND
Thanikachalam, E. IND
Thik, Swanpil IND
Thik, Siddhesh IND
Vaychal, Deepak IND
Aliakbari, Hanieh IRI
Baharirad, Alireza IRI
Boostani, Mosayeb IRI
Cheshm Alous, Shahrm IRI
Mozafar, Milad IRI
Paknia, Ehsan IRI
Rahimi, Marjan IRI
Shohreh, Shayan IRI
Klenburg, Michael ISR
Utesheva, Ainur KAZ
Arshad, Muhammad MAS
Thiagarajoo, Kumaressan MAS
Zakaria, Mohd Fadli MAS
Grima, Noel MLT
Denissen, Erwin NED
Westerduin, Philip NED
Brobakken, Geir NOR
Cubas Caballero, Alfredo PER
Espezua Lara, Renato Giancarlo PER
Iriarte Blas, Walter PER
Mesones, Omar PER
Moscoso Gomez Sanchez, Oswaldo Juan Martin PER
Daniel, Damian POL
David, Dorian-Ciprian ROU
Akhmetov, Radmil RUS
Beshukov, Sergei RUS
Bryzgalin, Kirill RUS
Gulevich, Anatoly RUS
Ilienkov, Evgeny RUS
Konenkin, Dmitry RUS
Trjufilkina, Elena RUS
Uskov, Andrey RUS
Gan, Yeow Beng SGP
Leung, Weiwen SGP
Winfridsson, Hakan SWE
Hend, Mohamed UAE
Keik, Mykola UKR
Brownscombe, Thomas USA
Losoff, Alan USA
Do, Van Long VIE
Benyamina, Ali ALG
Merimi, Mohamed ALG
Kenmure, Jamie AUS
Sorokina, Anastasia BLR
Zhukov, Nikolai BLR
Tsypin, Vadim CAN
Jankovic, Alojzije CRO
Hustwayte, Alan ENG
Claros Aguilar, Patricia ESP
Estremera Panos, Sergio ESP
Shakenov, Yerzhan KAZ
Ramirez Barajas, Mario Antonio MEX
Carillo, Jose Antonio PAN
Zarza, Ronald PAR
Feofanov, Dmitry RUS
Nisban, Jasmin SGP
Srebnic, Ana SLO
Shakari Yousuf, Saeed UAE
Losoff, Alan USA
Takawira, Erick ZIM
Sean, Winshand Cuhendi INA
Gilevych, Artem ITA
De Haan, Eric NED
Baglan, Esat TUR
Terletsky, Oleg UKR
Aghasiyeva, Fidan AZE
Kovacevic, Blazimir CRO
Clevers, Marc BEL
Khatibzadeh, Amir IRI
Shi, Shihua CHN
Shamieh, Jamal LBN
Piek, Cobus RSA
Oen, Grant USA

Download the LIST of FA titles from Seminars approved by the 2018 1st quarter PB.

Download the LIST OF NEW TRAINERS' TITLES approved by the 2018 1st quarter PB.

Download the LIST of SI TITLES approved by the 2018 1st quarter PB.
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